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wow bob

WOW BOB: The Legend

Idiom coined by my brother. Popularized by my best friend and me through use of home made, photocopied flyers and mail-order, personalized WOWBOB pencils. At its apex, it is estimated as many as five people worldwide adopted the word into their lexicon.The idiom pairs astonishment ("wow") with an average american persona ("bob") resulting in a figure of speech with heavy sarcastic and/or disparaging undertones. A euphemism for big f..king deal.

WOW BOB: Online

The headline really does say it best: Digital Archive of All Things Bachmann. This blog celebrates objects of my past – documents, cartoons, photos and other random relics and paraphrenalia – that are likely meaningless to you. While I relish the past experiences they stand for, you simply say wow bob>.

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